C Gascoigne Ltd (CGL) is a family business established in 2006. As a fully accredited NICEIC electrical contractor we undertake all types of installation and maintenance works for our customers offering where possible a complete solution to a need or problem that has arisen. This was how as electricians we became installers of Gas suppression fire extinguishment systems.

Introducing an Effective and Efficient Fire Suppression System

The gas suppression fire extinguishment systems came to our attention as a result of an enquiry from a customer who could simply not justify the cost of a full flood system to their secure data room. We were asked if we were aware of any systems which would adequately protect their equipment that did not entail all the complexities of a full flood system.

We had come across the gas suppression product many years earlier and contacted the producers of the system and subsequently visited their premises for a demonstration. After being blown away with the simplicity yet effectiveness of the product we immediately accepted the offer to become a supplier and installer carrying out full manufacturer product training.

We went on to fit the system to our clients server racks using only 2 x 2kg cylinders to protect their seven full height racks. Needless to say they were over the moon at the saving they made from a full flood system. They passed their next external audit with flying colours and we still maintain the system to this day.

CGL Supply Water Detection Services for Effective Flood Protection

As part of other works completed by CGL at the above site including fully networked CCTV, access control system and a fire alarm system, we also installed a full Water Detection System to their data centre to give early warning of water ingress. These systems are fast becoming an integral component of good disaster recovery plans and are increasingly being requested by insurance companies. After all, water can be as damaging as fire!

CGL have teamed up with Vimpex who manufacture their own Water Detection system called Hydrosense (download PDF). CGL work closely with Vimpex and can offer a complete design and installation service for these systems. We have applied the same logic to the water detection as we did to the fire suppression system and keep the designs simple yet effective allowing us to maintain competitive pricing and give excellent value for money.

CGL are Perfectly Located for Nationwide Fire Suppression Service

From our centrally located base in Loughborough, we can effectively cover the East and West Midlands, South Yorkshire and Derbyshire including but not limited to Leicester, Nottingham, Derby and Birmingham. However if you have a requirement beyond this area please don’t hesitate to get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.

You can contact us any time on 01509 341971, or Follow us on Twitter. Also, don’t forget to visit our FAQ page, which features plenty of information about what we can do for all of our customers in all kinds of properties.