Gas Suppression Applications

Due to the simple yet effective design and its various extinguishing agents the system can be adapted, with some careful consideration, to almost any application where there is a fire risk. Some examples of these would be:

  • IT server cabinets and Patch Panels (read more).
  • Fume cupboards in Laboratories/Pharmaceuticals /schools/universities etc (download Southampton fire report / download York fire report).
  • CNC Lathes, Mills, Sparkeroders, Machine electrical cabinets, chicken shed electrical cabinets (download case study).
  • Plant & Machinery, laser cutters, underground plant/machinery, busses, lorries, fork lift trucks, emergency standby generator sets in hospitals and data centres, paper mills etc:
  • Electrical Appliances (using “Pyroflex”) – desk top computers, appliances used in hazardous areas (read more »)
  • Domestic & commercial kitchens – cooker hoods:
  • Waste disposal processes
  • Food Industry