NOVEC 1230 Fire Suppression

Novec 1230 (download PDF)

Extinguishing via its cooling effect, Novec 1230 fluid works as a gas, yet it is a liquid at room temperature. Because it is not packaged under pressure, Novec 1230 fluid has unique shipping and handling advantages over high pressure alternatives. Also, systems using Novec 1230 fluid allow for more efficient use of space compared to inert gas systems.

Electrical and electronic equipment is one of the most prolific causes of fire, such as portable appliances, and any electrical wiring or circuitry. Novec 1230 fluid is a highly efficient fire extinguishant that can be used in engineered and pre-engineered systems. It is ideal for special hazards: spaces where the continuous operation of high-value equipment is paramount. Examples include: telecommunication switch rooms, computer and electronic control rooms, hazards aboard ships and critical military applications such as vehicle engine and crew bay protection. It is also ideal for environments such as libraries, cultural facilities, storage rooms, archives and museums, where valuable items must not be damaged by a fire extinguishing agent.

Novec 1230 fluid manufactured by the 3M group of companies has the largest margin of safety among chemical clean agents for use in occupied spaces.

Novec 3M

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