Fire Suppression Systems

fire protectionCGL offer a self seeking fire suppression system that automatically detects and suppresses the fire at the source, thus allowing a great degree of flexibility in design and cost.

This is achieved by the detection tubing being routed through a risk area offering protection along its entire length. This detection tubing is designed to rupture at 110°C so discharging the extinguishant at the point of fire having been installed in one of three ways, direct, indirect or hybrid.

Our suppression system may be used as a standalone device requiring no electricity, or can be fully monitored by interfacing with existing alarm systems and providing a full shutdown for the equipment being protected. If your building or equipment to be protected is remote or doesn’t even have electricity installed we can overcome all these issues with some simple forward thinking and the use of a little technology. Please call us to discuss the possibilities.

These systems can be retrofitted to many applications and, in some cases; multiple compartments can be protected with a single system returning exceptional value for money.


Direct – including Pyroflex

direct fire protection
The Direct Low Pressure (DLP) System utilizes the Firetrace Detection Tubing as both the fire detection device and the fire suppressant delivery system. The portion of the tube nearest the hottest point of the fire ruptures, forming an effective discharge “nozzle”. The pressure drop in the tube releases the entire contents of the cylinder through this nozzle.


indirect fire protection
With the Indirect Low Pressure (ILP) System, the Firetrace Detection Tubing is used only as a detection device. The fire suppression agent is delivered via fixed discharge tubing. Once the detection tubing “bursts”, the suppressant is discharged through strategically placed diffusers within the protected enclosure.


A mixture of ‘indirect’ and ‘direct’ systems!